Organoid Decorative Coatings

With Ecobuild taking place in London this week, we have been looking at our products, many of which meet our sustainability values; in particular Organoid Decorative Coatings. The Organoid coatings are made of natural raw materials that are untreated; therefore the original scents and texture of the product are retained. The production process is simple and revolutionary. Through the use of green electricity, the panels can be produced from almost any natural fibre. With the addition of a binder that is also natural, the end product is 100% biodegradable. Organoids... Read More

Sustainability at Arnold Laver

Ecobuild is taking place in London this week and it has got us thinking about sustainability in how we source our products and materials. In today’s modern age many consumers care deeply about where products come from, how long will they last and if they are environmentally sustainable. As a society we are more environmentally aware than we have ever been and at Arnold Laver we understand this. We are passionate about the use of wood in construction taking advantage of its natural and ethical properties. Using sustainable wood products... Read More