Wood donation


Arnold Laver supports local primate sanctuary by donating roof for new enclosure

Guy and Girlie, two vervet monkeys, at the Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary, Ascot, are looking forward to a more comfortable future. Volunteers from previous ‘Student Environmental Enrichment Courses (SEECs)’ gave up weekends to work on a home, based on 25 telegraph poles for the two primates. ‘But their efforts would have come to nothing if it had not been for the incredible generosity of Arnold Laver. When I asked for a discount on the high quality Swedish wood required for the roofing they donated £600 of 4 x 2 timbers –... Read More

Louie Spence & staff at Arnold Laver Reading 26/09/2013

Spence & Son

Louie Spence visited the Arnold Laver Reading depot recently to pick up timber and film for his latest Spence and Son project. The Spence and Son segment is shown weekly on ITV’s ‘This Morning’, where Louie Spence and his handyman dad  transform viewers’ homes from design disasters to dream dwellings. Louie had a ball talking to staff, filming and having his picture taken with them.