what is chipboard used for? 29/11/2019

What is Chipboard and What is it Used For?

Understated and incredibly versatile, chipboard is one of the most widely-used sheet materials in the world, providing affordable and convenient solutions for many DIY and building needs. But what exactly is chipboard and what can it be used for? If you’re on the lookout for sheet materials for your next DIY project, read on to find out whether chipboard might be the perfect material for the job. What is Chipboard? Chipboard – also sometimes referred to as Particle Board or Low Density Fibreboard – is made by mixing small wood... Read More


Introducing Unilin Flooring

We are pleased to offer our new Unilin range, which includes laminate, vinyl and solid wood flooring. Unilin creates beautiful and convenient quality products for any home. The benefit of Unilin’s flooring offer is that you can have all the beauty and style within a wide range of budgets. Choose from either the Quckstep or Elka product range. View our flooring range here > For further information, including specification, colours and finishes, then please contact your local Depot. Quick-Step Laminate Flooring Whether you like modern or traditional, Quick-Step Laminate offers... Read More


How To Care For Hardwood Flooring During Winter

Winter can mean a number of things for your home; the central heating gets more use, condensation appears on the windows and outdoor furniture can be put into storage. But what do the winter months mean for your flooring? At Arnold Laver we’re hoping to prepare you with ways to get your home and outdoor areas ready to take the hit of winter in order to keep your home looking it’s best through the harshest of seasons. Be proactive It goes without saying that the autumn and winter months are... Read More

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Timber Treatment – Inside & Outside The Home

Timber is the building material of choice for many, and here at Arnold Laver we completely agree. Versatile and cost effective, wood is naturally strong and sustainable, making it a first choice for those looking to partake in a spot of DIY around the home or in the garden. However it is important that you take into consideration the treatment that timber needs. Whether you are using wood to create a focal point in the garden or around the home to enhance a structure. We have put together a few... Read More

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Top Tips For Upgrading The Outside Of Your Home

Although the summer months may have been and gone, that doesn’t mean that those DIY projects have to be set aside for next year. If you’re looking to sell your home in the near future or you just want to add that extra curb appeal to your abode then now is the time to take note of our hand tips and tricks. Whether it’s painting or planting, low or high cost here at Arnold Laver we are here to give you that little helping hand when it comes to ideas.... Read More

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Hardwood or Laminate: Which type of flooring is for me?

Making the decision between hardwood and laminate can sometimes be a little confusing. Overall you want the best value for money and the best quality, but what type really is best for you? Here at Arnold Laver we know how hard the decision can be so we are here to help you pick which flooring really is best for you and your home. Wood flooring is an extremely attractive quality in a home, as long as the flooring is maintained to a high standard. Due to the materials natural appearance... Read More

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Home Improvements: How can I add value to my home?

Home improvements can be a breath of fresh air when it comes to property, breathing new life into any home with high scale and low scale DIY jobs. A new kitchen or bathroom is always an excellent choice, perhaps you’re looking to create a suntrap, the choice really is yours. Ultimately any improvements will add value to your home, but here at Arnold Laver we would advise you think about your space before you make your final decision! Firstly we would advise working out the costs before you splash out... Read More


What Type Of Wood Flooring Is Best For Me?

What type of wood flooring should I buy?… What type of wood flooring is right for my home?… What type of wood flooring is the best value for money?.. These are all questions that we hear all too often from customers who are struggling with the choice between laminate, solid wood and engineered wood flooring. There’s nothing wrong with this though, after all, everybody wants to know they are making the right choice when it comes to their home. To try and cut down this confusion, we thought we’d take... Read More