Simple Kitchen Makeovers

If you’re looking for simple and cost-effective ways to give your kitchen a makeover, then you have come to the right place. At Arnold Laver, we want to show you that making over your kitchen doesn’t have to include a total refit, which can be very pricey and disrupt your everyday life. With a few simple changes, you can give your kitchen a makeover tailored to your taste and style, without the high-price tags and stress. Explore our guide today and discover all of our helpful hints and tips to transforming your kitchen with a few simple changes. 

New Worktops, New Kitchen 

If you have had your heart set on a new kitchen refit, we think we have a simpler solution. Changing your kitchen worktops will give your space a total refresh at a fraction of the cost and work. Swapping out your kitchen worktops will also mean you can choose to replace the actual cupboards at a later date without having to worry about all of the cost and construction being carried out at once. 

At Arnold Laver, we are proud to offer a wide selection of high-quality kitchen worktops in a plethora of designs and styles. If you are looking to modernise your kitchen, then we recommend that you opt for a marble or granite design. This option will effortlessly elevate your kitchen for a sleek and modern look that won’t break the bank. 

For a more traditional aesthetic, choose an oak or pine style that offers all of the charms of wood without the high-maintenance. Oak style worktops in our collection can be wiped clean, and you won’t have to worry about any spills. So, no matter which worktop style you prefer, you can rest assured that kitchen worktops from Arnold laver are life-proof, whether you have small children or a huge family clambering to make food or drinks all at once. 

Replacing Kitchen Worktops

Now that you know replacing your kitchen worktops is a solution for you, you might have a couple more questions. For example, how easy is it to remove your old kitchen worktops? At Arnold Laver, we understand that if you’re only replacing the kitchen worktops, you want to keep your cupboard and any tiles in perfect condition. But you don’t need to worry! 

Removing kitchen worktops is a relatively simple task, as long as you are careful. You should pay particular attention to any tiles or splashback that you have as this will be more easily damaged than your cabinets. 

4 Steps to Remove your Kitchen Worktop

  1. Before removal, take out any cabinet drawers or items to ensure you have easy access. Take this time to ensure your cabinets are in good condition too! 
  2. Remove all screws fastening your worktop to the counters.
  3. Once all screws are removed, carefully cut the sealant that is between the worktop and the walls. 
  4. Finally, your worktop should simply lift off without any damage. 

Refresh with a New Splashback 

An even simpler change than replacing your kitchen worktops is to refresh your space with a new splashback. Whether you want to enhance your current kitchen aesthetic or want to start making a transition to a new style, a new kitchen splashback is the best place to start. This simple addition to your kitchen might not seem like much, but you will be surprised by the transformation it creates.

At Arnold Laver, you can explore a variety of kitchen splashback options from classic tile designs to bold and vibrant prints. With no grout required and much easier installation, a kitchen splashback is a much more effective and cost-efficient option than tiles. 

How to Fit a Kitchen Splashback 

This stylish addition to your kitchen is a functional change that will protect the walls in your kitchen from splashes, spills, and stains. Here you can find some easy tips and tricks on how to efficiently fit your new kitchen splashback

  1. Start by measuring the wall space you wish to cover and mark out the required space. 
  2. Next, cut the splashback to size carefully, using masking tape along the edges to avoid any chips or marks. To ensure a smooth finish use a 240 grit sandpaper.
  3. Ensure the area you are applying the splashback is clean and free of any dust. 
  4. We recommend using thick double-sided coated polyethene foam tape along the edges and middle of your splashback to secure it to the wall. 
  5. Apply some translucent silicone in between each strip of foam tape.
  6. Firmly press the splashback against the wall, ensuring it is flush and secure. 
  7. Finally, make sure you wipe away any silicone that spreads from beneath the splashback before it dries and wait 24 hours before cleaning the splashback as necessary!

Create More Space with a Breakfast Bar 

Hopefully, by now, you already have some simple ideas on how to transform your kitchen, but sometimes the little changes just aren’t enough. If you’re ready to do something bold with your kitchen space, why not change its design with a simple, yet much bigger addition? 

Adding a breakfast bar into your kitchen will change the dynamic of the whole room, and make it a much more social space. No longer will you be left in the kitchen alone while you prepare dinner or complete other necessary chores. Now, you will have a social space where people can enjoy drinks or food, and chat together without the formality of a dining table or the distractions on the sofa in front of the TV. 

While a breakfast bar might feel like a lot of destruction to your kitchen, it is a simple solution to transforming your space that just requires a little bit of imagination. The hardest part, after all, is envisioning where a breakfast bar will fit into your existing kitchen design. However, if you don’t have an obvious solution that will see a breakfast bar extending from your existing cabinets or countertops, then why not try a freestanding design? Pushed up against a wall or positioned as a central island, a breakfast bar can fit seamlessly into any kitchen as there are no set rules for how or where they should be. Every kitchen design and space is unique, so as long as you can imagine it, we can offer you the materials to bring your dream to life! Shop our wide range of breakfast bars available in a plethora of traditional and modern finishes at Arnold Laver today.

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