Creating Your Own Gorgeous Patio Area

Recently, many of us have spent more time in our gardens with family and friends than ever before, so making your outdoor patio as homely and comfortable as possible is a high priority on everyone’s lists. 

Luckily for you, here at Arnold Laver, we make creating your own gorgeous patio area as easy as possible. Here you can find all of the inspiration and creative ideas you might need to imagine your patio space, and then the materials to make your dream a reality. So, read through our guide today and get started on making the most of your patio! 

Patios on a Budget 

If you’re working on a small budget for your patio transformation, then we have the tools to help you. Firstly, consider the base of your patio. When people think about decking, they are often put off by the high cost associated with timber. So, why not consider composite decking instead?

In the long run, composite decking is much easier to maintain, meaning you will save money on any restoration expenses in the future. It also still has the traditional and attractive look of timber decking, without needing to be stained or painted. 

Other ways to enhance your patio on a budget could include repurposing old garden furniture. Why not transform old logs into a fairytale seating area with the addition of plush cushions to match the space? This creates more seating options for more guests and adds a little bit of extra character to your patio. Adding colour to your patio with a selection of bright potted plants, hanging baskets, and even trellis panels is also a great way to bring some life into a dull space. This is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to give a quick boost to your patio and add a fast blast of vibrant colour. 

Patio Ideas for Small Gardens 

If you have a small garden, you can still make the most out of your space with a cosy patio perfect for summer BBQs and autumn nights around the firepit. However, if you want to make your patio space feel bigger, we’ve got some expert tips to try!

First, start by thinking about perspective. By cleverly manipulating the perspective with the use of shapes, you can create the illusion of a larger patio. Use planters and troughs to line your patio and draw the eye to the edges of your garden, as this will create the illusion of more width for your space. If your garden is particularly short, then sectioning it off can create more depth. By boxing off your patio, and using different levels in your garden, you can make the space feel as though it has more dimension and length. 

If they’re an option, use steps to lead up to your decking and create more space. Similarly, by using a vertical trellis and hanging baskets, you can draw the eye upwards. This also provides people with green fingers to add extra colour and life in the patio, while adding more privacy for their garden. 

For some, a small garden can be a big draw and creates a cosy atmosphere perfect for summer drinks. Why not turn your patio into your own hidden corner where you can escape with loved ones to relax under the sun? Instead of a full table and chair set that will make your patio feel cramped, why not experiment with a mini day bed? Crafted from timber, a day bed offers cosy seating and can help to frame your patio rather than dominate the area. If you do prefer traditional seating options, opt for a sleeper bench, or perhaps just two or three chairs with a much smaller table surrounding a chiminea.

With a smaller patio area, you can make it much more homely with cushions or blankets, providing that it’s covered or they can be stored somewhere when the inevitable rain hits. To prepare for this, we recommend investing in good garden storage options. 

Modern Patio Ideas

Bring your patio area into the 21st century with modern and stylish patio ideas that will refresh your garden and make a cosy space for yourself and guests to enjoy. When it comes to decor, there are several ways you can keep your patio on-trend with a few simple additions. Here are just some ideas:

  1. Reflect light with large mirrors hung on your fence, as this will create a more picturesque landscape as well as provide a perfect photo opportunity for parties and get-togethers. 
  2. You can also draw the eye and showcase your DIY skills with ladder style shelves crafted from timber and adorn them with plant pots, figurines and more decorations. 
  3. Try draping fairy lights across your new shelving space and stretch across your fence for a cosy feel and well-lit space that will last late into the evening. 
  4. Small to large fire pits are another great option to add to your outdoor space; they’re perfect for keeping cosy on cold nights and emit a lovely glow.
  5. Another modern trend that you can easily implement in your patio area is to ditch the picnic bench or table and chairs and replace them with bench-style seating. Offering a much more communal space, bench seating framing your patio in an ‘L’ shape creates more space with clean lines and style. You can get the perfect fit for your patio by building your own timber bench seating that is bespoke to your garden or explore sleeper benches already available at Arnold Laver now. 

What Decking is Best for Your Patio? 

Here at Laver Online, we are all about timber, so we’ve used our expert knowledge to bring you advice on which is the right decking for you to create your ideal patio area. So, which is the right style decking for you? It all falls to the style of your garden, patio doors, and of course, personal taste. 

The big question of whether to get timber decking or composite decking also falls under personal taste and the colour theme you’re going for. If you’ve got cream or white patio doors, we would recommend a much softer colour of decking, specifically a timber decking. In contrast, if your patio doors or garden are much more colourful, we’d recommend a darker coloured composite decking. 

Alternatively, you could create a timber decking of your choice to match with the darker tones, or even get creative and give your decking a border of soil to grow flowers in with troughs. If you don’t want the hassle of making sure the soil doesn’t dry out, you could opt for pebbles which could add a more oriental feel to your garden too.

More Patio Ideas and Tips

Not all patios will be near any doors; for example, they could be hidden down the bottom of your garden for seclusion and privacy. In case your patio doors open directly onto your beautifully decorated decking, you may want to update them too. Here at Laver, we offer a full range of incredibly designed patio doors to match up perfectly with your quaint or comfy outside area, with something for every colour scheme and theme. 
Now you have all the best tips for your new patio transformation, it’s time to have fun implementing all of your new ideas! Explore our full garden collection online now, and discover decking, fencing and furniture options available from Arnold Laver to help you get started.

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