What Type of Garden Decking is for Me?

At Arnold Laver, we believe that you should feel just as comfortable in your garden as you would inside your home and that taking care of your property shouldn’t stop at the back door. Make sure you can enjoy your home from the outside just as much as the inside, with stylish and sleek decking that will transform your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to create a patio area perfect for an outdoor seating arrangement or want to maximise the space in your garden with various levels, every option is possible with garden decking from Laver Online. 

However, deciding that decking would be a good fit for your garden is the easy part, and the next step can be where things get tricky. Deciding which type of garden decking is right for you and your space can be confusing if you’re not sure of all of the answers. This is why we have put together an all-you-could-need guide on choosing the perfect and appropriate garden decking for your property. Read through our advice and tips below, and explore our full range of garden timber and decking options available online now.

What is Timber Decking?

Timber decking is a popular choice for those wanting a rustic and natural finish, as it is constructed entirely of high-premium wooden materials and is a classic option. Not only is the decking appealing looks-wise, but it is also extremely durable, meaning it will withhold that every day wear and tear perfectly if it is kept in good condition. This means that if you’re looking for decking space to place outdoor furniture, such as tables and chairs, BBQs or even a fire pit, the materials are built to last and will support your furniture easily with no signs of wear over time.

Timber decking is ideal for those who are looking to achieve a natural look in their garden or for those who have the time to maintain this material seasonally. Choose this option for classic styles and read our tips on maintenance below.

How Do I Maintain Timber Decking?

With decking generally being a feature outdoors, the best way to keep it looking as good as new is to treat the wood with decking oils, stains and protectors. Once these are applied they will offer a level of protection against weather damage, so your decking will look good all year round.

What is Composite Decking?

Created by combining a wood and plastic mix, composite decking is an ideal choice for those looking for a low maintenance garden that still looks tidy and stylish. As this versatile material contains plastic, this style of decking usually doesn’t need to be painted, stained or sealed, allowing for easy maintenance and cleaning. 

Many people choose composite decking over traditional timber as it achieves the same traditional look and feel of timber, with the attractive benefits the inclusion of plastic has to offer. Outperforming traditional decking materials due to the UV light absorbers and antioxidants in the composite materials, it is also proven to last longer than timber decking due to its low maintenance design and hard-wearing materials used. Plus, with it being easy-to-install and available in a wide range of classic finishes and dual decking, it is not hard to see why composite decking is such a popular choice. 

How Do I Maintain Composite Decking?

Requiring less maintenance than natural wood decking, this is an ideal choice for those who want to achieve a classic look without the hassle. When it comes to cleaning, use a mix of warm water and washing up liquid, or for tougher dirt use a pressure washer for the best results. We would advise setting the pressure to around 3000psi and directing the nozzle roughly at a 30-degree angle. In doing this you should make sure the water is directed up the length of the plank, as opposed to across the grain as this may damage the decking.

For more ways to take care of your composite decking, explore our wide selection of accessories online now.

Low Maintenance and Long Life Composite Decking 

  • Will Not Rot or Decay
  • No Warping or Bending
  • No Life Extending Treatments Required
  • Safe and Child Friendly 
  • Splinter Free
  • Comfortable to Walk On
  • Life Expectancy of 10 Years in Residential Use
  • Free From Hazardous Substances
  • Split Resistant in Wet and dry Conditions
  • Independently Tested for Performance by Exova

Why Choose Anti-Slip Decking?

An established alternative to traditional decking materials like timber and composite, we also have a wide selection of anti-slip decking available at Arnold Laver. This style is a popular choice for those looking for a safe and child-friendly material that offers you proven performance and peace of mind when undertaking a timber decking project.

Perfect for outdoor use, anti-slip decking is the first choice for homeowners looking for decking specifically to frame pools and hot tubs, as it offers a safer and more durable surface. The design of anti-slip decking is grooved to help shed water and reduce slip risk when wet, making it safer to walk on after rainfall or around pool areas, as well as offering a better grip. Explore the full collection of anti-slip decking.

Typical Applications for Composite and Timber Decking 

When many people consider decking for their property, they immediately imagine a new patio or sitting area leading into the garden. However, there are a number of ways you can incorporate decking into your property for a sleek and classic look that will elevate your home. Consider our recommendations for where you can use decking. 

  • Garden Decking Spaces
  • Balconies
  • Boardwalks and Pathways 
  • Bridges
  • Swimming Pool Surround 
  • Play Areas
  • Accessibility and Steps 

Making a Decision

Now that you have the basic rundown on the different types of decking that we offer at Arnold Laver, you can make an informed decision of which will be best for you. Whether its styles or functionality which you want to consider, there are options available in our collection to suit every application. 

Get started with making your selection by browsing our full ranges of traditional timber, practical composite and functional anti-slip decking options available now. Plus, explore decking accessories that will make the installation and maintenance of your decking an easy and effective process. For more ways to improve your property and garden and enhance its design, why not shop our full collection of garden timber available now? Here, you can find high-quality materials perfect for constructing fences, playhouses, sheds and furniture, plus much more.

Discover more about alternative improvements and how to add value to your home through your garden.

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