How To Choose The Right Shed

A shed is a great addition to any garden, offering a versatile solution for garden storage needs. To many, a shed is just a shed, but at Arnold Laver we love looking for new ways to update your garden with sheds that are much more than a simple wooden hut! In this blog we’re going to explore the different types of sheds available what you need to look for when choosing a shed and the best types to suit your outdoor space.

What do you need it for?

The type of shed that you buy depends on what you actually need it for. Sheds by nature are flexible so you don’t have to commit to just one reason for use, but if you have one specific thing in mind – there could be a better alternative available.

Garden storage is the most common reason to add a shed to your outdoor space, whether it’s somewhere to place your garden tools and equipment or somewhere to store outdoor toys. Bikes and more, a shed will keep everything secure, safe and dry until they’re needed again.

If you’re looking for somewhere to grow plants, there are plenty of shed options with windows that will be suitable for you needs. If you are trying to cultivate more exotic species, a greenhouse may be a better option.

A shed is a great alternative to a summer house, providing much needed space to work on craft projects, DIY or simply just relaxing. Your shed is your shell and there’s plenty of inspiration available here at Arnold Laver to help you create your dream space.

Where should I put my shed?

The placement of your shed is based on many factors, if you have a large garden – more of these will need to be taken into consideration compared to those with a compact space with less options.

Look for an area that is;

  • On secure, level ground
  • As dry as possible and not at risk of flooding
  • Shaded from heat
  • Easily accessible
  • Away from overhanging trees to protect shed timber

Other things to consider include how frequently your shed will be in use; if you’re using it daily you should consider placing it close to the house for easy access. If growing plants within the shed, look for spots where natural light is in abundance and choose the direction your shed faces carefully. Are you planning on working from your shed, or using it at night? Consider if your space will need an electricity supply and whether this will impact where you place it.

How big should my shed be?

Again, this depends on the size of your garden. If you’re using the shed as a place to store large work tools (lawnmowers etc) then you’re going to need a bigger shed to house that and any other items that need to fit in too. Measure the space in your garden, taking into account the space needed to open the door and any overhanging elements such as windows or roof. As with most things, it’s better to have more space that you need so if you can afford a slightly larger version, it will pay off in the long run.

Sheds and Garden Storage at Arnold Laver

Now you know what type of shed you need, it’s easy to find the right match at Arnold Laver. We offer a wide selection of garden sheds and other garden storage solutions such as storage chests and log stores. Our experts have picked a selection of their favourite storage options built using quality shed timber to give you some shedspiration!

For small gardens

This compact 4×3 overlap apex shed is ideal for compact spaces. The door has safe and secure hidden hinges and is fitted with a secure hasp and staple for increased security. With an attractive finish and a traditional apex roof that helps water run from off the building, it’s a great choice for garden tool storage.

Best for versatile storage

The Forest Garden overlap 7×5 shed offers both large internal storage space and windows to aid plant growth. The pent roof is designed to increase head room, making it ideal for garden storage and workspace. The window are created from unbreakable polycarbonate glazing fixed with security screws for additional peace of mind.

Best for easy access

The Forest Green apex double door shed is ideal for those needed easy access to tools. The double doors are ideal for larger gardens and the 8×6 space can easily house a variety of garden tools.

Find the perfect shed for your garden with us here at Arnold Laver by browsing through our exceptional range of timber sheds online.

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