4 Garden Trends For 2018


There are so many advantages to putting your time, energy and money into your outdoor area; a perfectly designed patio will make you want to spend more time there, whilst a well tended flower bed will provide much satisfaction to those with green fingers. Preparing your garden in advance means that you can make the most of spending time in your garden relaxing or entertaining without worrying about disruption during the summer months. Take a look at our top four garden trends for 2018 and see if your garden or outdoor area would benefit from the addition of some simple changes to the layout and space.

At Arnold Laver we provide everything you need to undertake a whole host of DIY activities, and what better project than a garden renovation! From small scale additions such as garden accessories, to more of an investment with garden decking, there’s a whole world of garden trends to discover.

  1. Rethinking outdoor living

When the sun comes out, it’s wonderful to have a space to enjoy the weather outside in the relative privacy of your back garden. Warm, drawn out nights mean that we tend to spend much more time outdoors, and by having a perfect space to relax or spend time with friends and family, you’re more likely to reap the benefits of your outdoor space. A major 2018 garden trend that we’re expecting to see take off is structural additions such as wood fire pizza stoves, summerhouses and arbours. Relax with a book while sitting in an arbour with cushions and a throw, or introduce a fire pit to your patio and welcome in the summer nights with friends. Al fresco dining just got a lot more appealing!

  1. Give small gardens a boost

If you only have a small space to work with, that is fine because even small gardens with limited patio space can benefit from a new look this summer. Trends for small gardens this year is all about ensuring that it’s a functional space that can be used, rather than somewhere to avoid! You can still go bold with small garden design and utilise components from a larger garden and patio space by seeing what would translate best to your own outdoor area. A small garden can also still have a great focal point, which is why we love the look of a garden trellis. A wooden garden trellis can be installed on a wall with plants beneath it, encouraging them to grow up the trellis just in time for summer!


At Laver Online we offer various garden trellis types in many different sizes and shapes. Small garden design should incorporate a trellis on a plain or painted wall to create a lovely looking feature that can be enjoyed throughout spring and summer. Choose from our Forest Garden lattice garden trellis designs to find the right one for your small garden.

  1. Statement plants

Adding some great, tall large plants can be all your garden needs to keep up to date with current trends this year. Large luscious green leaves give an exotic look to a garden, and can work well alongside most flower options if you have existing areas of flowers and shrubs. For some fantastic plant options that will look impressive all year round we recommend Trachycarpus palm trees and Japanese Banana plants with great green leaves. Opt for box type plant boxes, either in a neutral stone or coloured ceramic, to add a structured look. Blending these elements together is so simple.


Place your statement plants in wonderfully designed planters at either side of an entrance or a waterfall feature to add some visually appealing character to your garden and patio. A paradise right there in your garden this summer is only a few plants away!

  1. Embrace the colour purple

A small way to update your garden for 2018 is to use the colour purple as an accent colour as an unexpected pop of colour. Officially named the Colour Of The Year 2018 by Pantone, purple is a rich, majestic shade that can work well to brighten up a dull patio or garden area. Purple hanging baskets, lilac coloured lanterns, lavender plants, purple painted benches are all ways to get involved in the popular colour palette.

Follow the 2018 garden trends in your own garden to see how it can improve the functionality and look of your outdoor area. Visit our extensive garden department for garden furniture, composite decking and accessories to improve the look of your garden in time for summer. No matter what size garden or outdoor space that you’re hoping to add to, with Laver Online there’s plenty of choice!

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