What You Need To Know About Fire Doors

Fire doors are an integral part of fire safety in all buildings and should be considered in every environment, from the workplace to your home. Creating a safer space to live and work is a duty that you owe not just to other people, but to yourself. At Arnold Laver we’re taking a look at the fire door information you should be aware of and the wide range of high quality fire doors available to buy online.

If you’re thinking about installing fire doors in your new home, or simply want to update your current fire doors, read on for more information and options from our online store, from glazed fire doors to oak fire doors.

Protect Yourself With Interior Fire Doors

How do you stay safe in the event of a potentially fatal fire at home or in the workplace? In the workplace, fire regulations state that fire extinguishers and fire blankets should be on hand in the event of a fire and fire exits should be clearly identified. In non-domestic buildings, a fire risk assessment will be conducted by the entitled ‘responsible person’ which may be a Health & Safety Officer or a trained Fire Marshal, they are required to produce a fire management plan and failure to do this can result in criminal prosecution.

In domestic properties The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 outlines fire safety in terms of smoke alarms, fire retardant furniture, checking electrical systems regularly, and fire doors. The main function of a fire door is to act as a barrier to the path of smoke and/or fire and help delay the effects of smoke inhalation. Typically, fire doors are heavier than standard hollow internal doors and can operate using an automatic closing system. Fire doors in the UK have been categorised into two main categories depending on their resistance to fire – FD30 and FD60 fire doors which offer 30 and 60 minutes fire protection respectively. Fire door manufacturers often provide a certificate or label of performance outlining the category of their doors.

Fitting Your Fire Doors

Fire doors should be installed if it’s a doorway leading to a staircase above two levels, for example, a door leading to a loft conversion will need to be a fire door. Entrances between the main house and an internal garage also should be fire doors to prevent a fire spreading between them. Installing a fire door is a complete assembly project and it’s important to get all parts correct if it’s going to be able to safeguard effectively.

Small differences in details in your chosen fire door, such as glazing apertures, intumescent seals and existing door frames may significantly affect the performance of the fire door itself, and the results of not fitting the correct components of it could be catastrophic. Fire doors should be kept closed at all times and intumescent fire door seals should be correctly fitted to the door stiles and head of a fire-resisting doorset. These special seals are fitted into grooves cut into the door or the frame as an extra element of their fire protection. As soon as the temperature in the vicinity of the fire door exceeds 200°C, usually about 10-15 minutes after the start of a fire, the intumescent fire door seal will swell with the heat and seal the gaps between door and frame. This action provides a great help in further safeguarding in the event of a house fire.

Modern Fire Doors At Arnold Laver

At Arnold Laver we stock a number of glazed internal fire doors from XL Joinery which allow the spread of natural light into rooms which may lack it. These are ideal for hallways and landings as they are typically areas of the home that lack natural light. Regardless of their glass components, these fire doors still boast the same properties as other full-wood door designs. You can also choose between pre-finished or finished doors, meaning you can either varnish them to suit your home or buy one ready to be hinged straight away! There are some contemporary looking fire doors that will really counteract the assumed image of what fire doors would look like, meaning that they can offer that all important fire protection element whilst still looking great in the home. Plus, all of our interior fire doors are FSC Certified for peace of mind.

We also offer traditional internal doors with white moulded pre-finished options that would appeal to those seeking a more classic internal door look for their lounges, bedrooms and bathrooms. From oak doors with obscure glass to pre-finished panel doors, there’s an excellent range of fire doors to be explored at Arnold Laver.


Improve the safety of your home with internal fire doors today and receive free delivery with orders over £400 from Arnold Laver.


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