How To Choose A Kitchen Worktop

The right kitchen worktop can play a vital part in the overall look and finish of any kitchen, and when it comes to selecting the right worktop for your kitchen it’s important to consider both performance and appearance.

Remember, kitchen worktops take the brunt of those daily kitchen tasks, from food preparation to having hot pans and plates placed on them, but work surfaces can play a huge part in adding to the look of a kitchen. Consider the durability factor and visual finish you want from your kitchen worktop and read ahead for some work surface inspiration.

Let’s take a look at the different types of kitchen worktops…

Wooden worktops

When it comes to choosing a kitchen worktop, the appearance is probably the first thing to consider. Wooden worktops can provide a wholesome look in a traditional kitchen as it’s a timeless material that offers warmth and texture. Timber worktops are relatively easy to install and repair, plus it’s also a cost effective kitchen surface option. With wooden kitchen worktops it’s important to get into a regular oiling routine to keep them looking good and to reinforce the sealant to avoid water and heat damage.

Stainless steel worktops

It may spark thoughts of a professional kitchen but stainless steel kitchen worktops have a heap of different benefits! Not only does the stainless steel look sleek and modern, it’s also very easy to keep clean and it won’t stain. Serious interior design fans will have noted the rise in popularity of this particular work surface and it’s easy to see why due to its inherent durability. However, stainless steel is not completely indestructible as it can still be marked and scratched, and also has a tendency to show up greasy marks and has the propensity to dent if it takes a hit doing a particularly stressful cooking session.

Granite worktops

Without a doubt one of the most popular kitchen worktop choices has to be granite. With the different shades and patterns mixed in one natural stone granite worktop, each surface appears unique and can bring an impressive element to a traditional or modern kitchen setting. A granite kitchen worktop is very tough and durable, resistant to heat and can be polished with a honed edge. The granite material also offers appealing sparkle and shine in the light, though the surface will need to be sealed as it’s a porous material, and due to it’s heavy weight, will need to be placed on good cabinets or a kitchen island set up.

Engineered stone worktops

Glossy, sparkly, flecked and matte are just a handful of various finishes that can be found with engineered stone kitchen worktops. If you’re looking for a black, sparkly kitchen work surface to go with your modern kitchen, this will be the type of worktop for you! The colour is consistent throughout this material that is made from a high percentage of crushed quartz mixed with resin. Due to the resin component though, it’s important to protect the work surface to avoid irreparable damage.

Laminate worktops

Fans of laminate flooring will already be aware of this cost-effective way of achieving a natural wood look in the home. Realistically mimicking other materials, including the aforementioned wood and granite, laminate kitchen worktops can come in a gloss or matte finish. With a huge range of laminate surface finishes available on the market, it’s easy and cost efficient when it comes to choosing the exact look for your kitchen – though it’s important to note that it is not the most durable of surfaces.

How to protect a kitchen worktop

There are many ways that you can keep your kitchen worktop looking brand new and in top condition, including:

  • Use cutting boards – It goes without saying that using sharp knives on any surface regularly can eventually lead to the surface being damaged. Using cutting boards for food preparation can help to protect the kitchen surface by providing a barrier between the blades of the cutting knives being used. Choose between plastic or wooden cutting boards to suit your preferred kitchen accessory aesthetic.
  • Use a trivet for hot pans – Being exposed to direct heat regularly can also damage the kitchen worktop. Placing a recently boiled pan of water, beans, vegetable etc may seem harmless enough, but it will be wearing away the surface that it’s resting on. Invest in a metal trivet which will balance the hot pan above the kitchen worktop.
  • Clean/polish/oil regularly – Solid wood worktops are at more risk of becoming damaged by water and heat so it’s important to pay extra attention when it comes to protecting your kitchen surfaces. There many protecting products on the market that can help to provide a seal on the worktop and maintain the original condition.

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