4 Simple Ways To Update Your Home

The summer season often gets homeowners in the mood to freshen up their living space; often it’s a sociable season where we invite people to our homes for BBQ’s and parties and begin to think about ways we can update the aesthetic of our homes. At Arnold Laver we’re considering ways to update your home, from big changes to temporary things that you can do to inject some life into your existing surroundings.

Factors to consider when looking to update your home

  • Budget – It goes without saying that a budget should be decided on before embarking on any renovations or major updates because costs can soon mount up if you’re not keeping on top of spending. Do your research and ensure that financially it’s suitable to go ahead with the purchase or work.
  • Time frame – It’s important that a reasonable time frame has been set – it’s no use if you want garden decking fitted by the weekend if you’re hiring an external company that will need to book you in for the work! Also, if you’re doing the work yourself, it’s no good doing a rushed job or your handiwork will turn into something that will need correcting further down the line.
  • Commitment – When it comes to updating the home, there’s many temporary yet effective ways to do it which can be changed up again easily whenever necessary. More permanent additions however, such as a brand new floor, are obviously a long-term commitment that should be carefully considered as they will have a larger cost tied into changing in the future.

Refresh your internal doors

Here at Arnold Laver we stock a wide range of internal doors to suit all home interior styles, and a great way to freshen up the look of a room can be to replace your current doors for new ones. Embrace the modern look of a walnut door, or lighten up your home with some light oak panel doors with clear glass that will allow natural light to flow freely from one room to the next.

A cost effective way to refresh internal doors in your home can be to paint or varnish your current doors to give them a boost. Also, replacing all of the door handles in your home can make a big impact on the overall look of the door – opt for contemporary chrome handles or glass door knobs for an instant refresh!

Invest in a hardwood floor

Switching from carpets to hardwood floors can be a big decision, not only financially but also in terms of how it will work with your particular lifestyle, for example, pets and children may swing your decision either way. But this is a classic home update with endless positives; hardwood floors or laminate flooring are easy to maintain, can be added to with rugs or runners and will work tirelessly for you during the wet, winter months. Our complete range of flooring includes everything you need to begin your journey into hardwood or laminate flooring, whether you’re wishing to extend the flooring throughout the whole house, or wish to transform one room.

One of our most popular flooring options is the Uniclic GO flooring which offers high performing laminate flooring strips for easy assembly and simple maintenance. From white ash to varnished French oak, light maple to oak grey, there’s a fantastic collection of finishes available so you’re bound to find the right laminate flooring for your home, no matter which room you choose to update with it.

Update the kitchen

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so an update here can make a huge impact on your daily life. Whether you’re considering installing a kitchen island with new breakfast bar lighting or perhaps even making smaller changes by investing in a new set of plates and tea, coffee and sugar containers, there’s so many ways to update a kitchen. One such way that many may not consider is to replace the current worktops and select something new from our range of Verve solid wood work surfaces from our kitchen worktops range. Choose from ash, natural beech or European oak for an attractive replacement for those surfaces that bear the brunt of daily food prep and surface use. Our kitchen worktops are easy to maintain and provide a functional yet high performance addition to a kitchen that requires freshening up.

Another idea for updating a kitchen is to install under cabinet lighting – this can go hand-in-hand with a brand to new worktop as the lighting will highlight that natural wood finish.

Brighten up your garden area

Literally brighten up your patio with some outdoor lighting! We love solar powered lights that can be positioned anywhere in the garden and moved just as easily to suit your needs, and the bonus is that solar powered lights won’t use up electricity. For a more permanent outdoor lighting option, install some external lights to garden walls or either side of a patio door. There’s so many outdoor lighting options on the market, from traditional lantern shaped lights to modern chrome lights that will be ideal for lighting pathways or decking areas.

A more permanent addition to elevate the look of any garden is to opt for some quality timber decking. Garden decking is such a popular option and summer is the perfect time to install it as it creates a great place for socialising and relaxing in the sun. Invest in real wood decking from us at Arnold Laver for that rustic finish that is difficult for synthetic materials to replicate. If you’re considering garden decking as a way to update your home, explore our timber decking and decking accessories departments for deck boards, fastening systems and decking handrails.

However you wish to update your home, you can be assured that if you choose to do it with us, you can expect Arnold Laver to deliver high quality products and excellent customer service to make your home improvements run smoothly and efficiently. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our professional services and our products.

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