Four Ways To Enhance Your Garden With Timber

The summer is well on it’s way, and that means lawn mowers at the ready for a restyle and cut. Your garden has been neglected these past few months. Winter has hit hard, cracking another paving stone and blowing over that fence panel. We want you to fall in love with your garden again, so, that is why we have put together a few ideas about how to make the most of your outdoor space this summer. It all starts with one building material: Timber.

Embrace Organic Living

It’s not new to any of us, but there are many ways in which we can grow our own, at relatively little cost. Try this freestanding wooden planter. First, use our CLS Timber to make a cuboid frame, then border the sides and base with Timber Deck Board cut to size, leaving the top open. You can either dig a small trench to insert the raised planter, or leave it free standing, for manoeuvrability. Once completed, combine compost and soil, before planting the vegetables of your choice. If planting seeds, we recommend using a net over the top to keep out birds. The advantage of building a raised bed of this sort is that during planting we can stand upright, preventing the labour required to bend down for a ground level planting. It also means those of you who have a paved garden can grow without remodelling the space. The raised planter can sit on top of any surface and be built to any measurements. Get creative and make an L-shaped frame for a corner piece, or be bold and place square bed frames between potted plants. Varnish the frame for a clean-cut finish, or get the family involved with their green fingers and place painted palms on the raised planter to create a fun and personal design.

Benched Business

The wooden bench is one of the most classic garden furniture pieces. Leisure seekers sit wiling away time with a book, whilst practical minds will look to manage and maintain their garden, with little need to sit. I propose a mashing of priorities; a bench which will please both garden users. This bench design will serve as a seat, as well as a storage space. Much like the raised planter, build a cuboid frame, this time with Sawn Treated Timber in order to make the bench weather proof. The two vertical back beams should be double the length of the front, then build the sides and base with Timber Deck Board. Then, piece together the lid/seat with the same Timber Deck Board without fixing to the top, add hinges and set aside. Build the seat rest onto the vertical back beams with horizontal Timber Deck Board then secure the lid with the hinges. Inside the storage space you could keep seat cushions and a blanket for cooler evenings, or gardening tools that you wish to have easy access to. Add a padlock at the front should you choose to store valuable tools. Treat the wood with varnish and make the most of your double duty bench.

Archway Trainers

A wooden trainer is often a background piece, propped against a fence or wall, hidden by the vine plant that grows onto it. As a single piece, it cannot support itself, however, built into a freestanding archway, it will have prime position in your garden. In order to the build the archway, we suggest aiming for a square arched arbor, criss-crossing the sides and ceiling arch with wooden lattice trainers. First, lay two long PSE Timber beams on the ground and place the shorter top PSE Timber beam between the longer beams, fixing in place. Repeat for the other side of the arch. Place square end cross beams of PSE Timber at the top between the arches to fix the two archways together, then add wooden lattice trainers to the two side walls. Use quick drying fence post concrete, with posts dug at least 30cm into the ground, to fix your archway to the ground. Then, get planting and watch your archway grow with the rest of your garden.

Game, Set, Build

When the family come together in the garden for a barbecue or event, be ready for all occasions with these over-sized games.

  • Jenga: Take a length of Sawn Treated Timber and cut 54 equal length pieces. Sand the edges and corners and store in a leak tight barrel.
  • Dominoes: Take Sawn Treated Timber and cut 28 equal size tiles. Paint on dots using black outdoors paint.
  • Yahtzee: Use square end Sawn Treated Timber to cut 6 square die. Sand and polish, then paint numbered dots with black outdoors paint, before treating with varnish.

Make sure you sand and treat all wooden pieces before playing to avoid splinters or warping from weathering. Then, let the all ages fun begin!

Discover some alternative ways to enhance your garden whilst also adding value to your home.

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