Arnold Laver supports local primate sanctuary by donating roof for new enclosure

Guy and Girlie, two vervet monkeys, at the Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary, Ascot, are looking forward to a more comfortable future. Volunteers from previous ‘Student Environmental Enrichment Courses (SEECs)’ gave up weekends to work on a home, based on 25 telegraph poles for the two primates.

‘But their efforts would have come to nothing if it had not been for the incredible generosity of Arnold Laver. When I asked for a discount on the high quality Swedish wood required for the roofing they donated £600 of 4 x 2 timbers – with free delivery too,’ said Mark Kingston Jones of SEECs.

For Jimmy and Sharon Shaw, who have been rescuing primates for over 30 years and established the sanctuary at Ascot in 2007, Arnold Laver’s generous gesture is a significant step towards their aim of providing appropriate accommodation for all 36 primates in their care.

Alex Bennet from Arnold Laver said ‘When we were asked to assist with this project, we were happy to help. As timber experts’ we get involved with all types of build and construction projects, but I don’t think we’ve ever helped to build a monkey enclosure before! We try to support worthwhile initiatives within the local community, where we can, and this is a great example of just that’.

The Shaws received Guy after he was brought by an English couple from a garden centre in Saudi Arabia and he is typical of many of the primates who have experienced trauma in research laboratories or the pet trade.

With many of the primates understandably nervous in the presence of humans LMS is not open to visitors. Donations to LMS to achieve its aim of providing accommodation for each of the primates are welcome. You can learn more at

Mark Kingston Jones from SEEC said ‘We have been very lucky to provide our participants with the unique experience of building a new enclosure and for such a great cause! If Arnold Laver had not helped us out we would have been forced to cancel the weekend and prolonged the time before the Vervets could move into their new home’

Sharon Shaw from Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary said ‘It is amazing to have such wonderful help and we are so grateful for this donation, meaning Guy and Girlie are one step closer to moving into their new home next Spring’

Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary is a charity run by Jimmy and Sharon Shaw, established in 2007, and currently home to 36 rescued primates including baboons, macaques and lemurs. The Sanctuary is not open to the public in order to meet its objectives of:

  • Rescue – We travel the country in response to phone calls from other rescue organisations and individuals to reach monkeys in distress.
  • Re-home – Once a monkey has been rescued, he is brought back to LMS to spend the rest of his life with his own kind.
  • Rehabilitate – Monkeys suffer trauma and distress as much as we humans do. To rehabilitate these wonderful animals takes time, patience and kindness, all found at LMS.

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