Top 10 Ideas To Improve Your Home

Forecasts show that many people in the UK will have put plans of moving home on hold in favour of staying put and improving the home they are in. If you are one of these people, then how can you do it? Which areas of the house should you invest in to make the biggest difference? Why not check out our top 10 tips, which may help you on your way to perfecting your home.

New Doors

Solid wood doors can bring a timeless and high quality feel to the home. These doors also make sense from an energy efficiency stance. Wood doors provide much more insulation, which will keep rooms cool or hot as needed, especially when the door is framed well. Solid wood also cuts down substantially on travelling sound. Quality doors should not crack or chip with time, and they will not be dented or perforated by carelessly moved furniture or other accidents around the house. Especially when paired with a good set of hinges, a solid interior door will hold up to even the hardest use. There are also a range of woods to choose from, allowing people to select woods that work well with the rest of the homes design. We are home to a fantastic selection of internal and external solid wood doors as well as an extensive range of styles for other areas of the home.

Wall paneling

Decorative wood finishes like veneers showcase the natural beauty of hardwood. Wood wall paneling can provide a smooth, clean surface which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also is extremely on trend. This style of paneling allows you to conceal flaws and unsightly features like cables and exposed wiring. Wood is also a natural insulator, meaning wood wall panels offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The combination of wood cladding and upholstery can make for a soft and warm ambiance in any room.


One of the major benefits of cladding is protection for your house. Howling wind, torrential rain, and intense UV rays from the sun can all be extremely detrimental to your home’s exterior. Cladding works extremely well as an insulator, heat is more efficiently retained in the winter and the sun is kept out more effectively in the summer, and every little helps when it comes to energy bills. These benefits aside, there is no doubt that cladding is as attractive as it is useful and can be used to provide an instant make-over to the home.


The addition of a new staircase can immediately give any home a new and fresh look. Whether this is a totally new staircase or a replacement of the banister and spindles, the staircase is one of the first things that catches the eye when entering the house and a quality refurbishment can give a quality ambiance. Many staircases go unnoticed, they can be carpeted or with the spindles boarded over, but they can be a solid focal point in any house no matter of its size or shape. At Arnold Laver we know the true beauty of a staircase and this is why we stock an extensive selection of styles, from traditional to space saving designs.

Skirting boards and mouldings

After years of use, skirting boards can become dirty and worn, and despite the odd lick of paint from time to time they can quickly become chipped and generally scruffy. A new skirting board when redecorating a room can bring about a clean and well finished feel to the job. If you’re looking to complete a room, why not consider our selection of skirting and mouldings online at Arnold Laver?


Good quality wooden floors can last for decades, whilst carpets may need to be replaced maybe every 5 years or so due to stains, holes, and shabbiness but with good maintenance, some floors can look better as the years go by. Wooden floors can be more practical than carpets too; with pets and children dragging mud through the house is no longer a disaster and can simply be wiped or swept up. Many estate agents claim that wooden floors give the home warmth and can increase the value of the home. The range of flooring here at Arnold Laver means you can choose the exact style for you with ease.  

Liberate your loft

For many it feels like the loft is wasted, and when space is at a premium in the living area of the house, the easiest way to get an extra bedroom or bathroom is to utilise it through a conversion. The key thing is to make sure access to the loft is easy and that the conversion fits the rest of the house. You will have to strengthen the floor joists, which will raise the floor level, so make sure you leave yourself with sufficient ceiling height to stand up in. If you are looking to increase the value of the house, adding extra rooms will help. Make sure you do your research and a project like this can result in a major improvement to the house. If you’re looking for a selection of suitable materials for the job make sure you check out our collection of timber.


A new decking area can be a great addition to your back or front garden, providing an extra space for entertaining, dining, or simply to lounge on in the summer months. Decking is usually fitted as a raised platform directly either separate or joined on to the property itself acting as a transitional space into the garden. Our selection of garden decking comes in both timber and composite styles, allowing you to find the perfect materials for you.

The benefits of having the decking made out of wood include:

  • Wood has a real natural attractiveness and is also surprisingly strong and durable.
  • Nearly all types of wood need very little maintenance over their lifetime, and to keep the vibrant look of the wood you will need to polish the frame once or twice a year, other than that it will remain naturally beautiful with age.
  • If you want it to look like new, wood can always be sanded down and re treated.

New Kitchen

If you are only going to improve one room of your home, make sure it is the kitchen, as this has now become the showpiece area of the home. We don’t just cook in it, we do homework in it, we watch television in it and hold dinner parties there. It really is the heart of the home so make it the best environment to be in that you possibly can. The number one priority is creating an attractive and efficient work surface and ensuring easy access to the sink, fridge and cooker. Make sure the style of the kitchen match the style of the house and that applies to the value as well.

Planning on upgrading or improving your home? Check out our complete collection of timber, materials, accessories and much more online at Arnold Laver today.

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