Top 10 Facts on Timber

1. Timber is the most sustainable of all building materials

2. The terms hardwood and softwood refer to the type of tree the timber comes from, they have nothing to do with the strength of the material.

3. Following on from that, hardwood comes from deciduous trees and softwood from evergreen.

4. Wood is carbon neutral due to the tree’s absorption of carbon dioxide and in turn produces the oxygen that we breathe.

5. More trees are planted than harvested within the European Timber industry.

6. It can take up to 30 years for a tree to reach its full size.

7. Homes made from timber are much more efficient in energy consumption compared to their brick counterparts.

8. Timber can be used in a variety of applications throughout a home from roof trusses, to architraves and staircases.

9. Not only is it used in construction, timber is also the material of choice for many type of sports and leisure equipment.

10.Oak is the most widely used hardwood while Pine is the most popular softwood.


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