Timber Treatment – Inside & Outside The Home

Timber is the building material of choice for many, and here at Arnold Laver we completely agree. Versatile and cost effective, wood is naturally strong and sustainable, making it a first choice for those looking to partake in a spot of DIY around the home or in the garden. However it is important that you take into consideration the treatment that timber needs. Whether you are using wood to create a focal point in the garden or around the home to enhance a structure.

We have put together a few ideas for those looking to wise up on their timber treatment knowledge – so keep reading!

Outdoor Timber

With the British summer finally on the way, what better way to spend your weekends than in the garden. Although we would advise you leave some time to sit and relax, it is important you treat your timber prior to the summer months. Now is the time to look to your wooden garden features and structures in a little more depth.

It is important to look out for any decay and rot when it comes to treating the timber around your garden. Although fences, sheds and garden furniture may look cosmetically sound, the structure may be compromised if this is not checked correctly prior to treating or painting. It is best to find an issue prior to putting in a little TLC as this way you are not covering up an issue that may become a problem in the future.

Treating any outdoor wooden products is a priority when it comes to pruning the garden for the warmer months. Depending on the conditions of where you live, we would advise that you treat any outdoor wood from at least once every three months to once every twelve months. Failure to do this means that your timber may be left to eventually decay and become damaged by rain, snow or any general cold weather over time.

If you have any wooden outdoor furniture or wood features around your garden that are stained, then it is vital you treat these every 6-12 months as they may be prone to fading. We would advise treating stained wood with the original stain, wood paint or a general protector.

When it comes to sprucing up old wood furniture, why not consider reviving flaking paint or varnish by lightly sanding and oiling the surface. Hardwoods such as teak and oak can be treated or left to naturally weather, depending on your desired finish.

At Arnold Laver we offer an excellent selection of timber products, from sawn timber, CLS timber and much more. Whether you’re looking for a match to repair a broken fence in the garden or you want to create something from scratch – we are sure to have the materials for you!

Wood inside the home

Trends come and go, however one thing that is always prominent in home interiors is wood features and focal points. From furniture to panelling, flooring to staircases – timber is a feature that is used throughout the home.

Whether you’re renovating or restoring, internal timber needs to be approached with care. Refresh the interior of your home or furnishings with a touch of paint or lighten wood with stains and oils.

Floorboards are an excellent way to enhance timber features around your home, blending beeswax with a hardener is a fantastic way to add to the durability of the flooring. A little TLC can go a long way when it comes to floorboards!

If you are looking to maintain and treat exposed beams then it is important you follow the below steps;

  • Remember removing the buildup of paint or wood stain, may take away the age and natural beauty of the wood overall.
  • Remove dirt and dust with a soft brush or damp cloth.
  • Avoid linseed oil and opt for beeswax polish.
  • Never use anything too abrasive to remove paint.

Arnold Laver is home to an abundance of real wood flooring for you to choose from, our range of solid wood flooring will allow you to accentuate or repair existing flooring in your home. Whilst our selection of timber staircases are sure to be the focal point that your home is lacking.


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