How Secure Is Your Home?

When it comes to purchasing and moving into your home, security should the at the top of your list of priorities. During the festive period it is important to increase the security of your home, and as we move into the new year we would advise you take the time to review the security of your home and general external areas. Here at Arnold Laver we have put together a list of checks for you to use a guide when you come to checking the security of your home.

Security of all doors is key, so ensuring that every door around your home is strong and well protected is a must. Research shows that burglars most commonly use the front door, so it is vital you inspect this area thoroughly. When conducting these checks it is important to look out for the following;
1. Frames are strong and hinges protected.
2. Check mail slots for damage and ensure keys are not in locks near this opening.
3. Install a peephole or safety chain to enhance security.

Now is the time to replace loose and flimsy locks! If you find that the manufacturers latches on your windows are ineffective why not consider upgrading these to key operated levers or locks? Considering laminated or tempered glass may also be another alternative to enhancing the security of your home in the long run?

Security Systems
If your home isn’t equipped with a security system then now may be the time to consider investing in one. Whether you opt for a basic system, a monitored system or even a camera, the knowledge of a security system itself can sometimes act as a helpful deterrent to possible burglars.

Knowing your neighbours
When you first move into a property it is important that you get to know your neighbours! Remember they already know the area and if you introduce yourself they can help keep an eye on your property whilst you’re away. Forming a good relationship with your neighbour is an important factor when it comes to the security of your home.

Remember that it is vital you check the security of your home as often as possible, so if you’re looking to upgrade your home at all why not take a look at our selection of materials and products online at Arnold Laver.

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