How To Choose The Right Insulation For Your Home

If you’re looking to save some cash before Christmas or anytime of the year, then checking your home is properly insulated is a great starting place. A poorly insulated home can lead to a multitude of problems in the short and long term. There are a plethora of insulation choices on the market and although it is easier than ever to find the right type for you, do the extra choices make it harder? Here at Arnold Laver we have put together a selection of handy tips to help you make the right choice before you buy.

The main things to think about prior to purchasing any insulation are your location and your budget. Keeping both these points in mind will allow you to make a decision quicker in the long run. You may be thinking why does my location matter? Location needs to be considered prior to purchasing any insulation as you may need to think about investing in soundproofing materials as well as taking into consideration the type of building you live in and also the temperature of the area.

Assess The Building
If you’re looking at insulation for a home you intend to build, then your options are a lot more varied. When it comes to adding insulation to a home that is already built, your choices may significantly decrease. Since many of the cavities that are usually home to insulation have been sealed off they will be a lot harder to get to without a little bit of DIY.

Building Materials
Before you undertake any insulation projects, it is vital you look at the materials used to construct your home or business. The construction materials you eventually use will decide how much thermal mass there is. This stage is essential as thermal mass is incredibly important, especially with buildings that are made up of concrete and brick as these can store heat. Double glazing can also contribute to how you’re able to control the temperature inside your home determining how much heat is allowed in.

There are many types of insulation from;
Space Blanket
Space Combi-roll

Fitting Insulation
Once you have selected your chosen insulation it is time to get fitting it! This is a relatively easy task that can be started and completed in a single day. Generally the hardest part of this task is cleaning out the loft space in preparation. We would suggest starting at one of the loft and rolling the first length so it fits neatly between the ceiling joists. If you have a cold water tank it is important to avoid this whilst also taking care not to block the eaves. For this we would advise leaving a gap of 25mm to prevent condensation and allow ventilation. It is important that once you have covered the area that the insulation is not squashed or compressed, if this happens it will reduce the depth and effectiveness overall.

If you’re looking for more DIY tips and tricks or you’re looking to purchase the materials for the job head on over to our selection of timber supplies at Arnold Laver.

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