Top Tips For Upgrading The Outside Of Your Home

Although the summer months may have been and gone, that doesn’t mean that those DIY projects have to be set aside for next year. If you’re looking to sell your home in the near future or you just want to add that extra curb appeal to your abode then now is the time to take note of our hand tips and tricks. Whether it’s painting or planting, low or high cost here at Arnold Laver we are here to give you that little helping hand when it comes to ideas.


Keep it simple, a basic clean up can really do the world of good when it comes to giving your home that much need spruce up from the outside. On the remaining sunny days we would advise taking the opportunity to give your home a good power wash, getting rid of day to day to grim and dirt can enhance the overall appearance of the home. Tidy up any garden lawns and flower beds, this will aid you when the seasons change any spring arrives, whilst also ensuring outdoor spaces are clean and tidy. If you’re looking to take on a bigger challenge then we would suggest repainting any external areas of your home. Whether your abode has rendering that is in need of a little bit of TLC or your front door is looking a little lack lustre, why not take the time to show your home that little bit of love it needs!


It’s time to get your design hat on, and by this we mean looking at the landscape of your garden and home. When it comes to curb appeal it is said that good landscaping can make the biggest difference in the external appeal of a home. From a quick freshen up to a complete overhaul, a good balance outside the home can aid the selling of a home as well as making it more to your personal taste. Keep colour palettes simple, adding bedding plants and trees where possible to create lush green areas. Although you want your home to stand out, especially if it is up for sale, ensure that you take a look at your surrounding buildings. Whilst you may want to be adventurous take into consideration planning restrictions and what will suit the style and period of your home or building.


Adding a few extras outside the home could give the outside of your abode that something extra. Why not look to adding new external features, for example dormer windows or an attractive porch. Smaller, cost effective extras can also help perfect the balance, hanging baskets, tub plants and decorative lighting can all help achieve the look you may desire.


Although our tips and tricks may seem overwhelming and time consuming, don’t be put off! Some tasks will not only help with the overall look of your abode but also ensure that during the winter period your home is prepared for the warmer months ahead next year. Remember if you take on one task at a time and get the help of professionals, you will quickly achieve your home goals!


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