Top Tips For Maintaining Your Garden & Decking Ready For Autumn

Unfortunately it’s coming up to that time of year again where we have to pack away our garden furniture, barbecues and sun loungers ready for the winter. Whilst you may think that the cold weather is a lifetime away, the autumn days are fast approaching bringing the dark mornings and nights with them. Although the summer colours may have faded from your borders, don’t think that is it until spring. At Arnold Laver we know the importance of gardening in autumn, and thanks to our selection of handy tips and tricks we know you’ll be pleased with the results in your garden this winter.

With September comes shorter days, during the autumn months light is an increasingly valuable resource – especially for those plants that you planted lovingly in the spring. Ensure you give them the best start in 2017 by removing any shaded glass in your greenhouse, this will maximise the sunlight available for your plants. If you know your greenhouse is in need of a little tlc now is the time to do it – no more broken glass, blocked gutters or mud splattered glass. Don’t forget to pay a little attention to the inside of your greenhouse, removing old plants and plant debris will reduce overwintering pets and diseases. Take the time to wash any plant pots and seed trays in preparation for spring. Treat your greenhouse like you would your wardrobe – weeding out the old clothes and keeping them neat and tidy!

Lawn Maintenance.
Perhaps your lawn is looking a little worse for wear, autumn is the perfect time to give grass that little bit of love that it needs. Remove any grass clippings and moss easily with a garden rake – now is the time to start your very own compost heap. If you find that drainage is an issue in your garden, take a garden fork and make deep holes with the prongs across the area. For those of you who were thinking about laying new turf in your garden, autumn is the perfect time to do so!

Not only is it important to maintain your lawn, but also pay attention to your borders. Now is the time to move those misplaced bedding plants and divide overcrowded areas while the soil is warm.

Don’t put those green fingers away just yet! Evergreens are an essential part of any garden, providing both visual and functional qualities. These iconic plants are the perfect way to fill in empty borders, providing both something to look at and structure all year round. Don’t forget to save any fragile plants before the cold weather hits. Any plants that could be threatened by the first frost of the winter need to be saved well in advance and autumn is the perfect time to do this!

If wooden decking is a feature in your garden then it is vital you check for damaged planks and joists. You can do this by pushing a screwdriver into the timber, if any planks appear soft or weak now is the time to replace them. Autumn is the perfect time of year to clean away any algae before it sets in for the winter. Take a mix of soap and warm water together with a stiff brush to banish the problem, unless you have a pressure washer that will get the job done a lot more quickly and efficiently. For those who have opted for composite decking, this can be easily prepped for the winter months also. Simply sweep any loose dirt and dust off your decking, clean with a mild soap and hot water mix, this will ensure any stains and debris are taken care of. Once your decking is clean now is the time to have a look for any damage, if you spot any cracking or rotting don’t wait until the spring to address the issues.

Hopefully our handy tips and tricks will help you achieve the perfect looking garden throughout the colder months. If you’re looking for more advice on the big clean prior to winter, take a look at Why Your Spring Cleaning Should Actually Be Done In Winter.

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