Maintaining your kitchen worktops – old or new.

When it comes to your kitchen, a well maintained worktop can really make the difference on how clean the room looks overall. With so many colours and materials to choose from we are now able to completely transform a kitchen into something that not only looks extremely pleasing to the eye but also that may add value to the home. If your kitchen is home to a busy family lifestyle or perhaps you’re a little lazy when it comes to tidying up on a night after a meal, don’t worry we have the solutions to keep this under control.


Naturally we all want our kitchen work surfaces to look sparkling, however this is sometimes a little hard to expect especially if you have a busy lifestyle. To maintain a clean area we would advise that you wipe new or old worktops with a mix of warm water and a mild detergent, this will aid the process and ensure for a thorough clean. To ensure that sparkling finish lasts, we would suggest wiping any spillages with a damp cloth and then cleaning the whole surface with warm soapy water. For that extra clean finish buff the area with a soft towel!


If you have recently introduce new worktops to your kitchen or you’re just looking for tips on how to keep what you have look as good as new, then we have the answers for you. Protect any surfaces by using a good quality chopping board when preparing food, never directly cut onto the worktop. By doing this you’ll avoid chipping and minimise any contact with the worktop edges. When cooking try and keep hot pans away from any surfaces, excessive direct heat can cause extreme damage. Depending on the material of the worktop, it is useful to be aware of any chemicals that may react badly with your chosen surfaces. We would advise staying away from chemicals such as Nitric acid, Sulphuric acid, Hydrofluoric acid, citric juices, lemon and vinegar to name a few – especially if you stone worktops.


Solid wood worktops can add an extremely traditional charm to any home, however many are put off by the much needed upkeep that this desirable style needs. If you have just installed solid wood surfaces make sure you treat them at least 3 times with a protective wood oil prior to installing them in your kitchen. Allow the material to soak in the oil evenly, remember you can never treat the wood too much! When it comes to wooden worktops, maintenance is key to the longevity of your surfaces. Adding an extra coat of oil every six months will help to keep the wood looking as good as new. If you find that your new work surfaces are looking a little lack luster or perhaps dry, then don’t be afraid to add another coating of treatment oil. A top tip for testing wooden work surfaces has to be by dropping a bead of water onto the material and seeing if the water sits in a large bubble, without spreading. If this happens you have successfully oiled your worktop to perfection, however if not just continue to re-oil the surface and try again at a later stage.


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