Hardwood or Laminate: Which type of flooring is for me?

Making the decision between hardwood and laminate can sometimes be a little confusing. Overall you want the best value for money and the best quality, but what type really is best for you? Here at Arnold Laver we know how hard the decision can be so we are here to help you pick which flooring really is best for you and your home.

Wood flooring is an extremely attractive quality in a home, as long as the flooring is maintained to a high standard. Due to the materials natural appearance and warmth underfoot, wood is not only elegant but also timeless. Whether you opt for laminate or hardwood, we know you’ll fall in love with the final results.

When it comes to cost hardwood flooring can be slightly more expensive, this all depends on where the material is originally sourced from. More exotic trees will generally cost more in the long run. However laminate flooring is made from composite wood, making it a lot cheaper to make and install.

Opting for a material in your home that will not only look good but will also be extremely durable is a must. Take into consideration your families everyday lives and consider what will work best in your household. Hardwood is very susceptible to scratching and can get easily damaged from excessive moisture. However it is also the real thing, and can look extremely elegant in any property if it maintained well. Not only is hardwood a luxurious element in any home but it also said to add considerable value to your home. If you’re considering laminate then don’t forget that even though it is more durable than hardwood it may not be as visually appealing. As there are many grades of laminate flooring there are of course lower quality, artificial looking woodgrain textures on the market.

Unfortunately flooring tends to be one of the areas of the home that will need to be repaired at some point. From excessive wear and tear to minor accidents, both laminate and hardwood have their pros and cons. Hardwood can be easily repaired, after a little bit of sanding in any problem areas it can be easily refinished to match your original style, meaning it will last for years. Whereas laminate flooring doesn’t repair that easily, look out for this type of flooring that comes in individual pieces and snaps together. This will aid for a quick repair when it comes to removing imperfections. Not only this but laminate flooring can look aged in areas that are exposed to sunlight more so than others, meaning that or any new pieces may not match properly in the long run.


Overall wooden flooring is an excellent choice when you’re looking to upgrade your home, however take into account our tips and review your lifestyle, including anyone else who lives in your home – from children to pets. Once you’ve considered all aspects of your family and lifestyle, don’t forget to take into account your property itself.

When it comes to purchasing any wood, why not take a look at our excellent selection of timber online at Arnold Laver before you start any DIY projects.

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