Why Wooden Doors & Windows Are As Popular as Ever

Many homeowners face the decision between wood or PVC when it comes to replacing their doors and windows. But which should you choose? Wooden doors and windows are as popular as ever and more often than not the first choice for many when it comes to refreshing the home. But why are wooden doors and windows more popular? Here at Arnold Laver we have dug a little further to find out why this material is now the popular choice.


The life expectancy of well designed timber windows and doors is said to be around 60 years, whereas PVC is said to last around 35 years. The comparison shows homeowners which is most cost effective for their home, whilst proving that well constructed timber frames and doors will stand the test of time over the years.

Environmentally Friendly

Timber requires no extra work other than to be logged before being distributed to a manufacturer. This means that less time will be spent adapting the material, whilst lowering the carbon footprint. Timber is a reusable source and is usually reused as fuel – therefore after the material has served its purpose it can than be put to good use again. An excellent point to consider is that timber is biodegradable, meaning it is much more environmentally friendly in the long run!

Cost Effective

For those looking to cut costs, timber is an excellent choice as it is more low cost than PVC. Due to the flexible nature of wood, it can be easily moulded or redesigned to create exactly what you need for your project.  Another benefit of opting for wood is that you can easily change the colour to suit your home. PVC usually only comes in white, meaning that you don’t have the option of change when it comes to your windows and doors. Offering a natural strength timber is an excellent choice for structural work.

Overall Look

The overall look of the finished product is more down to personal preference, however the natural effect of wood is extremely desirable over imitation wood designs. Timber opens up a world of options when it comes to colour and finish, as it is extremely stable and with a coat of the right varnish, it won’t rot!

If you’re looking for the right
timber to start your project, head on over to Arnold Laver to find out more.

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