Ingenious Hacks You Need To Know For BBQ Season

Summer, relaxing and barbecuing – what better way to enjoy time with friends and family during the warmer months. Before you go ahead and light up those coals, make sure you follow our food hacks for the BBQ season.

Ensure you have enough gas to start cooking.

Avoid serving your guests under cooked food and double check that you have enough gas to grill. This can be checked easily in minutes just by tilting the gas canister to one side and pouring hot water carefully up and down the tank. Where the canister is cool is where the gas has leveled off. If you find that the entire side is warm, then you’ll have to look at purchasing another canister as this means it’s empty.

Try a variety of marinades.

Everyone loves a bbq and with a bbq comes grilled meat of all varieties. Unfortunately we forget that grilling means that meat forms carcinogenic PAHs (polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons) and HCAs (heterocylic amines). But don’t fret, all this can be neutralised with a trusty beer – save a can and marinate your meat in your favourite beer before you barbeque.

Marinating any meat prior to grilling will add an abundance of flavour to your food. Whether you use a brine or a rub, we can guarantee that your food will be tastier than before!

Keep your BBQ clean!

Did you know that you can clean your barbeque with just an onion? Turn the grill up on the highest setting and take half a large onion – then just rub it up and down the grate, simple! As onions have natural antibacterial properties, it is able to clean the surface pretty well. Once you’re done, don’t waste the onion, throw it into the coals and begin to cook your food. Not only will the food be cooked to perfection but it will also have an extra flavour due to the onion!

Make future cleaning easier with a paper towel and a little bit of oil! Soak the paper in oil, ensuring it is sturdy wipe the combo along the grill grate thoroughly until clean.
Scared of the grill? Microwave first!

Whether you’re a novice behind a BBQ or you’re just in a hurry, starting your meat in the microwave can be an easy quick fix. Not only will it speed the process up but it will also give you confidence that your food is cooked before you let your guests dig in!

Missing something vital? Improvise!

If you have the barbeque but realise you don’t have the equipment to go with it, then why not try improvising with a few things you may have in your kitchen. Chopsticks make the perfect utensil if you don’t have barbeque tongs. They also work perfectly if you drop something between the grates!

Another tip – ditch the skewers. Give your kebabs extra flavour by skewering your food of choice with rosemary stems. Don’t have rosemary, then use chopsticks!

Give shop bought bbq sauce a homemade flavour, add in apple cider vinegar, salt, hot sauce, sugar, paprika or fruit juice – trust us your guests will keep going back for more.


Hopefully you’ll be prepared for the barbeque season, if you’re in need of some help preparing your outdoor space first then head on over to our garden range online at Arnold Laver.

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