Spring Gardening Ideas & Tips: Pull Your Garden Out of Hibernation.

Over winter our gardens tend to be forgotten. Short days, dark nights and bad weather all mean our gardens get little to no use in the winter months. Now that warmer weather is finally on the horizon, it is the ideal time to dig out the old gardening gloves and give your garden a much needed spring refresh.

Here at Arnold Laver we thought we’d share some of our top spring gardening tips and ideas, in order for you to get the most out of your garden in the lead up to summer.


First and foremost – tidy! Over autumn and winter your garden may have become a little neglected. The beginning of spring, before things start to properly grow, is the best time for a big clean up. Rake any leaves or debris that may have gathered, weed and cut back old flowers or plants and neaten up your lawn. If you have a greenhouse, this is also the ideal time for a spruce up. Greenhouses work best with lots of light – give yourself the best possible start by clearing cobwebs and cleaning the glass, allowing the natural sunlight to shine through.

Take Care of Pests

Again, spring is the best time to tackle any unwanted garden pests. Check any pots and plants left over from last year – keep an eye out for larvae that can live in compost. We would recommend natural pest control methods if this is possible, such as non-toxic sprays as these won’t cause any harm to the rest of your plants. Try hanging up a bird feeder to encourage birds into your garden – these will act as a natural pest control, with minimum effort from you. Tackling pests now will eliminate bigger problems in your garden later on in the year.

Clean Decking

Decking is a great addition to any garden, ideal for building new outdoor areas and creating a seamless blend from indoors to out. It is important however to take good care of your decking. Timber decking in particular can deteriorate in different weathers without proper upkeep. Composite decking is more resistant and therefore more low maintenance, however still needs care and cleaning after winter. Read our blog post on cleaning and maintaining your garden decking for a detailed guide on the best ways to care for your decking.


Now is the ideal time to get on with any DIY jobs in the garden that you’ve been putting off over winter. Find out what needs fixing now and make sure that it’s done before summer begins – that way you can enjoy your garden without any stress once the sun comes out. Clean, fix, replace or throw away any old tools or furniture that have seen better days – there’s nothing like broken furniture and fittings to ruin the feel of a garden.


The fun part, and also one of the most satisfying once summer comes around – planting seeds and bulbs! Summer flowering bulbs such as lilies and gladiolus are best planted now in early spring. Prepare now and by the time summer gets here you’ll have a garden full of beautiful plants and flowers.

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