Arnold Laver confirmed official UK partner for MEGANITE®

German based company KULA GmbH & Co KG has awarded Arnold Laver UK distribution rights for MEGANITE® surface.

Launched at the beginning of 2016, Arnold Laver introduced MEGANITE® to the UK market through product launches at Architects@Work and Surface Design exhibitions. A highly durable, versatile, hygienic and beautiful acrylic solid surface used in horizontal and vertical applications. It is suitable for countertop, backsplashes, window sills, sinks, shower walls, transaction tops and other surfacing application. MEGANITE® offers a colour palette of more than 60 colours along with value-added custom solutions. The MEGANITE® Recycled Series offers 18 frequently used colours with recycled contents. Moreover, all MEGANITE® Solid Surfaces have a long life cycle, helping to reduce landfill waste. The decorative surfaces can be restored to their original look without any loss in product quality, regardless of age.

If you want to learn more about what MEGANITE® solid surface can offer please contact:

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