Why Your Spring Clean Should Actually Be Done In Winter

For as along as we can remember, Spring has always been the time of year associated with having a good clear out of your home. Spring cleaning, as it is known, is now pretty much a yearly event for every household, but could we be doing our annual declutter at a better time of the year?

In short, my answer is yes, we can. When the spring time comes around, most people are itching to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather that they have been longing for over the winter months. So, not the greatest time to have the family locked in the house sifting through dusty old wardrobes, is it?

What I am proposing to you is simple – why don’t we have our home’s annual declutter and reorganisation in the winter? Weather-wise, this makes much more sense as you are more likely to be stuck in the house on weekends in the winter so you have the spare time. Secondly, since you are going to be indoors more often it makes sense to have a tidier home – ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ and all that…

Here are a few tips Arnold Laver have put together to guide you in your winter (or spring) cleaning sessions:

For immediate rewards, then we suggest starting small. Small amounts of progress which you see happen quickly will spur you on to finish the rest of the home, so don’t take on the largest part of the cleaning first. Start with something simple, like organising things on shelves or in cabinets.

Then, work your way up to wardrobes and cupboards. Far too often we just chuck things in wardrobes and cupboards to hide mess in a room, and this leaves them looking like one big scrap heap. Figure out what you need, what you don’t and what can go into storage and then begin work to organise it all neatly. You’ll be amazed at how much space is actually hidden away in there!

Once the cupboards are done, it is time to get started on the main living rooms which will typically be sitting rooms and dining rooms. If you have kids then sort out all the toys, if there’s anything they’ve grown out of then think about giving it to charity shops; organise stacks of DVDs and games and start thinking about clearing a space for the Christmas tree.

Now, onto the kitchen: If there are any appliances lying around that don’t get used much then find a place for them in cupboards – clear worktops are the first step to an organised kitchen. Then, go through the pantry, larder or cupboards and check food for use by dates; if there’s anything that is not going to get eaten and is still usable then think about donating to food banks or similar organisations (Christmas is the time for goodwill, after all!).

Finally, don’t just throw everything into your garage, loft or storage space as this would be counterproductive. Make sure your storage space is neatly organised, maybe write labels on boxes to help make identifying where things are a bit easier, this will also stop you ripping open random boxes of teddies and clothes when you are looking for that juice machine in the spring.

Why not think about downloading some apps to help you with your home DIY? We’ve already made a list of our favourites.


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