Top Home Timber Trends of 2015

So the end of another year is almost upon us, isn’t it crazy how time flies?

Over the last 12 months we have seen so many great uses of wood in home interior design and there has undoubtedly been a few trends that have stuck out for being the most popular. As a kind of round-up of this year, we thought we’d make a list of some of these prevalent timber trends of 2015, and without further ado here they are:

  1. Grey wood – It is safe to say grey is no longer seen as a boring colour with so many of you choosing it for your wood in 2015. We’ve seen grey work as a brilliant base colour for home interiors as it is neutral and not overpowering when used in large areas, making it the perfect colour to build upon as part of a monochrome theme.
  2. Dark, solid hardwoods – This year has also seen a distinct rise in homeowners choosing dark hardwoods such as Walnut, benefiting from the luxurious aesthetics the wood brings. They can also be used really effectively to add a bold statement when paired neutral walls and other dark hardwood furniture and flooring.
  3. Wider planks We’ve also noticed that when it comes to hardwood flooring, more and more homeowners are choosing wider planks. Wide planked flooring is great for making a space look larger, which may explain the rise in popularity, but it also helps to create a contemporary rustic feel in a room which has also been popular throughout 2015.
  4. Matte finishes Matte or low gloss finishes are miracle workers in that they help to disguise stains, scratches, dust and other marks compared to semi- or full- gloss. It also helps to create a warm and cosy feel to a room, and who doesn’t want that?
  5. Reclaimed – Our final timber trend which has been prevalent throughout 2015 is the use of old or reclaimed wood. Using this helps to show off the material’s imperfections and natural character, helping to create a persona for both the wood and the room. However, because reclaimed wood can be expensive, we have also seen a rise in machine-distressed wood flooring and furniture in a bid to make new wood look old or reclaimed.

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