The Best Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Carrying out DIY, renovations and home improvements can undoubtedly make your home better place to live, but is also comes with the added bonuses of boosting your property’s value – but only if it is done right.

The average home improvement can add an extra 10% in value onto the value of a home (according to data from money lender Zopa), which would obviously be welcome news if you are looking to sell up soon.

Maybe you are thinking of doing some home improvements on your property or even looking to sell your home in the near future and want to boost the price as much as you can. Well, you’re in luck because we’ve been digging deeper to find out more information on which home improvements offer the best return.


Adding a conservatory to your property can get you around a massive 108% return on investment and you’re also adding another room to your house at the same time! Granted, you lose a little bit if your garden, but sacrifices must be made. If your conservatory is less than half the area of the original house, there’s no need for planning permission, which makes life a little easier for you, and if at least half of the new wall and three quarters of the roof is glass or translucent, then you are also exempt from structural and fire safety rules. So, it might be worth having a look over some patio doors or windows.


Carrying out some improvements on your garden is another easy way to add a good chunk of value. Your front garden is the first thing that potential buyers will see when they come to your house, so good first impressions are imperative. If you have a messy, overgrown front garden, then it might put people off before they’ve even stepped through the door so try to make it peaceful, welcoming and tranquil. Homes with good back gardens are rare these days, so if you have one, utilise it! Make it somewhere that people would want to sit and relax, by adding some decking or a BBQ area. According to Zopa, your garden could give you back a healthy 88% return on investment, so it is well worth a shot!

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