Breakfast Morning at Sheffield Central

Recently a breakfast morning was held at our Sheffield Central Depot in collaboration with Everbuild and XL Joinery.

A few of these have taken place during 2015 with each one proving to be a roaring success. With these dark and grim mornings that are an unfortunate result of the winter months, a hot drink and bacon butty are the perfect way to set everyone up for the day.

It is not often customers have the time to liaise with the suppliers or to see the new products on offer. Hosting these breakfast mornings allows both parties the opportunity to talk and find out how they can be of benefit to each other.

Carl Limb, Depot Manager at Arnold Laver Sheffield Central said, “Our breakfast mornings are proving to be very popular amongst our regular customers. It was well received by all; they enjoyed the demonstrations by Adam, the Everbuild representative and appreciated the free sandwich and drink.”

Thank-you to all who came, we look forward to seeing you at future events in 2016.


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