Creating Your Own Gorgeous Patio Area

With summer fast approaching you’ll want to host BBQ’s, have drinks and throw gatherings, in the hopeful summer heat. With our specially crafted guide we’re giving you top tips on creating your perfect patio area to make your garden look that extra bit special.

Here at Laver Online we are all about the timber so we’ve used our expert knowledge to bring you advice on which is the right decking for you to create your ideal patio area. So which is the right style decking for you? It all falls down to the style of your garden, patio doors and of course personal taste. The big question of whether to get timber decking or composite decking also falls under personal taste and the colour theme you’re going for. If you’ve got cream or white patio doors we would recommend a much softer colour of decking, specifically a timber decking, whereas if your patio doors or garden is much more colourful we’d recommend a darker colour, for example a composite decking. Alternatively you could creosote a timber decking of your choice to match with the darker tones, or even get creative and give your decking a border of soil to grow flowers in. If you don’t want the hassle of making sure the soil doesn’t dry out you could opt for pebbles which could add a more oriental feel to your garden too.



Here at Laver we offer a wide range of both Composite and Timber decking ideal for your garden, all of which is easy to fit. However if you do feel like you need a little bit extra help, here’s a tutorial video to help you along the way.



The size of the area you have for your patio will determine how much furniture you will need; you don’t want it becoming too cramped or cluttered. For a large patio you may want to include a larger garden table and chairs, around a size for six people is usually the norm, perfect for any BBQs or a get together you’re planning on having in the warmer months. For a smaller patio setting why not just two or three chairs with a much smaller table, you could even have them surrounding a chiminea? With a smaller patio area you can make it much more homely with cushions or blankets, providing that it’s covered or they can be stored somewhere when the inevitable rain hits! Old Christmas lights or just everyday fairy lights can be used to make your patio look a bit more special when the nights start getting warmer. Small to large fire pits are a great option to add to your outdoor space too, they are the perfect inclusion for cold nights or even warm nights to watch the lovely glow!



Patio Doors

Obviously not all patios will be near any doors, they could be hidden down the bottom of your garden for seclusion, but in the case where your patio doors open directly onto your beautifully decorated decking you may want to update them. Here at Laver we offer a full range of incredibly designed patio doors to match up perfectly with your quaint or comfy outside area, we’ve something for every colour scheme and theme. Check out our full range or patio doors here.

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