Behind the scenes – Bradford

We often ask our customers if there is anything about Arnold Laver that they would like to know and the question that comes up time and time again is what goes on behind the scenes. For many of our customers their only contact with Arnold Laver is via the phone or when they receive a delivery; they never visit a depot or see what goes on there.

Yes there are rows and rows of timber but our Depots offer much more than that. They range in size and the services that they provide – from Mosborough with it’s Roof Truss warehouse to Leeds and it’s Door Servicing facilities. Each depot has a range of facilities that caters for our customer’s varying needs.

It is important to us to have well stocked warehouses that provide all of our clients with the materials they require for every project. Our product range includes sawn timber, solid surfaces, doors and many more in between! If you think we don’t stock something always ask a member of staff, you might be surprised by what we sell.

With the sun shining it felt like the ideal time to snap some photos of our Bradford Depot and give you a sneak peek as to what goes on behind those yellow gates.

IMG_6977 A

IMG_6986 A

IMG_6997 A

IMG_7003 A

IMG_7012 A






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