Which Kitchen Worktop To Choose?

The kitchen is the true heart of any home; it is the place everyone automatically wanders into. Whether you have arrived back from work or are throwing a house party, the kitchen is where the food and drink is so is usually where you find people! Due to this fact you want to make sure you are happy with how the room looks and functions, so we have some tips to consider when planning your perfect kitchen makeover.

Which material?
The first main thing you want to decide upon is the material of your kitchen worktops. You want to make sure you are choosing something that is fit for purpose and will suit your lifestyle. If you spend most of your time cooking and baking you want to choose something that is really hard wearing and long lasting such as granite or Minerva, as opposed to those who want more of a show kitchen and can opt for something less heavy-duty such as glass or laminate. There are various options that are around the middle of these which include quartz, Maia and bamboo.

Which shade?
This is totally down to personal taste as to what colour you want to go for, however you may want to consider the size of the space you have to work with. Choosing a black worktop could be a bit overpowering if you have a small room with not much natural light coming in. Many choose a wood look as it goes with anything and can be incorporated in a modern but family kitchen, to those that look really traditional too.

Flooring to match?
Once you have decided on a worktop colour, you will need to decide on your flooring. Whether you have opted for a black or white top; light wood flooring will give it that classic kitchen look. You will need to make sure to choose something specifically for kitchens so it can endure the high traffic and any spillages from the sink.

After all of this you can look at adding in personality through tiling and accessories. The best bit of finishing off a kitchen project will be stocking up your cupboards with plenty of food and drink again! Read our blog on simple kitchen makeovers to find out more.

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