The Battle of Wood Accessories: Dark vs. Light

Wood furnishings are a popular choice within the home and are often one of the main starting points to decide upon. As well as making decisions on what colours you want to represent your room, you also need to think about the accompanying colour of the furniture that will be put in to; do you go for light or dark wood? We pick our winners for different areas of the home below!


When it comes to flooring most people choose light wood, often solid wood flooring in oak. Unless you are daring when it comes to your style or have a large space to work with, dark wood can be quite an intimidating option. Sticking with a lighter shade should help to bring more light in and create that welcoming and friendly atmosphere for your living room. If you prefer a more rustic and traditional feel darker flooring does look fantastic within the right kind of setting.

Winner: Light wood



Kitchen cabinets

It is much easier to go for something striking with kitchen cabinets. When it comes to flooring it is trickier as it takes over so much of the room, however with kitchen cabinets you often want to make them a statement of the room. Going for a wood effect can help you to create a rustic and traditional feel, a kitchen that would be really reminiscent of proper home cooking!

Winner: Dark wood



Bedroom furnishings

If you want furniture that is hard wearing and long lasting, wood is the perfect material. It has a cosy feel to it and one of the rooms where you have the most versatility over which shade you choose are bedrooms. Both light and dark woods work well with a variety of colours. We especially love light wood shades with lime green or turquoise for a really fresh and airy look. When it comes to dark wood shades they look gorgeous when accompanied by mainly white and additions or grey and white for an ultra modern and sophisticated style.

Winner: We can’t pick one!



When it comes to light wood vs. dark wood which corner do you stand in?

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