Gorgeous Garden for Spring/Summer

Spring is finally here so making sure your garden is ready for the upcoming BBQ seasons is a must! Winter can leave it looking a bit tired and neglected, especially if you aren’t into gardening; however we have some solutions and tips to get it back in shape.


Deck is out
One of the easiest ways of maintaining your outdoor space if you aren’t a keen gardener is to add plenty of decking to the space. Not only will this reduce any upkeep of mowing the lawn, chopping down bushes and planting new flowers, it will also look fantastic. You will be able to have a set place to put your table and chairs, plus no wobbly BBQ settling on uneven ground either!


Home turf
If you still want a lawn but would prefer to have less hassle, you could always switch to turf. This looks just like real grass but a lot less maintenance, so you can spend more time relaxing in your lovely garden rather than having to do work in it.


Floral fancy
There is no doubt that a splash of colour makes a difference in the garden. Adding some flowers will look lovely and there are some that are easy to take care of too which include sunflowers, sweet peas, marigold, fuchsia, pansies and more.


Update with paint
If your shed and fencing is looking a bit tired you could replace them with some new ones, a great idea if they have been sitting in your garden for a long time. If they are fairly new and the weather has just worn away the colour, give them a new lick of paint to give them a quick spruce up.


Let us know in the comments below your top tips for updating your garden for spring!

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