Sustainability at Arnold Laver

Ecobuild is taking place in London this week and it has got us thinking about sustainability in how we source our products and materials.

In today’s modern age many consumers care deeply about where products come from, how long will they last and if they are environmentally sustainable.

As a society we are more environmentally aware than we have ever been and at Arnold Laver we understand this. We are passionate about the use of wood in construction taking advantage of its natural and ethical properties.

Using sustainable wood products in construction reduces CO2 emissions due to the reduced energy required to create wood products in comparison to other building materials.

Arnold Laver are committed to protecting the environment. Our policy is to continually improve our environmental performance, prevent pollution and minimise the impact of operations. We also strive to meet and, where possible, exceed the application environmental legislation.

We strongly believe that it is our corporate and social responsibility to help preserve the world forests and promote effective forestry management. We are proud to hold both FSC and PEFC accreditation and consistently provide goods from legal and sustainable sources.

As a business we are committed to:

  • Responsible purchasing
  • Waste management and reduction
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Transport efficiency
  • Recycling materials

With these priorities in mind we aim to source wood products that come from well managed forests which benefit in combating climate change where more trees are planted in place of those cut down. We buy wood from certified forests ensuring that those forests have been sustainably managed and help to tackle the global problem of deforestation.

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