Tea, Tourists and TDF

This summer has got to be one of the best for sport, not only is it the World Cup but also the Tour de France and Wimbledon too. We have been spoilt for choice with what to watch and literally cannot think of what we will do once they all end!


For this post we want to turn our attention to the Tour de France which fantastically for us this year started off in good old Yorkshire. Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of July are the dates many have been waiting for, allowing us to get into the cycling spirit right here on our own doorstep and the weekend did not disappoint.



If you follow us on Twitter then you will know how proud we are of being from Yorkshire, and seeing the stunning scenic shots on TV plus the energetic crowd cheering on Team Sky and all of the other talented cyclists, simply made us beam with pride. The coverage that will have been watched by people all across the world certainly showcased our region in all its glory.


The Tour de France has only ever visited the UK once before, which was back in 2007 when the ‘Grand Depart’ took place from London. We are really glad that after 7 years Yorkshire was the place for the backdrop of the opening stage for 2014, where 198 cyclists travelled from Leeds to Harrogate.


Unique cars in the shape of things from a bag of McCain chips to a 4 pack of Fruit Shoots drove their way through excited crowds to give away freebies and get everybody ready for the cyclists to zoom by. You do not realise the speed they travel at until you see the flash of the different coloured jerseys go past you and smell the burning rubber from the wheels against the tarmac. It is incredible how much the popularity of this sport has increased over recent years and the cyclists have been tweeting their joy about the overwhelming support from fans, go Yorkshire!


We are enjoying the tour as they make their way through France even with the sad news of Chris Froome being out the race.

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