Worlds Best Stadiums

With the 2014 World Cup taking place in Brazil in a matter of days now, we are starting to get football fever at Laver Online! The thought of enjoying a whole month of seeing bright green when we switch on the TV is just fantastic. Not only does the football interest us but the incredible stadiums they games are played in are incredible pieces of architecture too, we have put together a list of some of the most impressive:



Wembley Stadium, London

We will firstly start off with a home grown stadium which is found in Wembley Park. This stadium is home to the England football team and is the second largest football stadium in the whole of Europe. With an impressive 90,000 capacity and £757 million spent on building this stadium, it is certainly a sight to behold.



National Stadium, Peru

Next we go all the way to South America for the impressive National Stadium which is known as the Estadio Nacional. We picked it to be a part of our list as it is known for having the largest crowd controlled interactive lighting display in the world which is pretty impressive!



Beijing National Stadium, Beijing

This stadium is one of the most fantastic designs to look at, the exterior frame is eye catching and very unusual. It is known as the ‘bird nest’ and holds 80,000 permanent seats which were filled up during the 2008 Olympics, which was the main purpose for this stadium. Since then it has hosted a number of events, of course including football matches.



Shanghai Stadium, Shanghai

We take another trip to China for this cool looking stadium, which features a fantastic swirling design. This stadium is one of the 30 largest stadiums in the world, and the third largest in China falling a place behind the Beijing National Stadium. It has also won numerous design awards which is easy to see why.



Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha, Brazil

We thought we would finish off with one of the stadiums we will be seeing across the 2014 World Cup starting on the 12th June. This stadium was knocked down in 2010 to be re-built to reach set requirements for this massive football event. We love the look of the flat roof with its patterned design, it will certainly look even better when it is lit up for some big matches!


Which is your favourite stadium design and who do you think is going to win the all important World Cup title?


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