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Whatever project you have on your hands, at Arnold Laver we have all the sheet materials that you will need to get it done, including this great range of OSB smartply.

What is OSB?

Standing for Oriented Strand Board, OSB (which is also known as smartply or sterling board) is an engineered wood particle board which is created by compressing layers of wood strands mixed with adhesives. It is easily recognisable as you can see the individual wood strands (or flakes) laying on top of each other on the surface of each OSB sheet.

Uses for Oriented Strand Board

OSB has a number of high mechanical properties which have led it to become increasingly popular in the construction of buildings. Some of its most common construction uses include becoming sheathing on walls, roofs and floors and as panelling in exterior walls.


If our great selection of OSB isn’t your thing, then don’t worry as at Arnold Laver we have many other sheet materials to choose from such as MDF, pine board, chipboard and plywood. Plus, order today and receive free delivery on all orders over £400!

Smartply OSB2 2440mm X 1220mm X 8mm

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Smartply OSB3 2440mm X 1220mm X 11mm

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Smartply OSB3 2440mm X 1220mm X 18mm

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