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Enjoy your garden from inside your home with the luxury of patio and french doors. If you’re looking to inject light and a sense of space into your humble abode then browse our premium selection of doors below. At Arnold Laver our aim is to make the shopping experience online quick and easy, so if you’re looking to enhance your home take the time to browse our selection of patio and french doors in our simple system below.

What are the differences between patio and french doors?

One of the main ways to tell the two styles apart has to be the way the two doors open, patio doors are operated by sliding across a track whilst french doors open outwards like normal doors.
French doors are perfect for those looking for to uphold a traditional vibe within the home - inside or outside, whilst patio doors lend themselves well to modern, contemporary homes. Both styles allow you to inject extra natural light into your home, which is the perfect way to make a room seem larger or to allow the outside in.
If you’re looking to enhance your home take a look at our full collection of patio and french door below with our quick and easy system!

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Give your home that extra burst of light with our traditional and contemporary selection of patio and french doors. Before you head to the checkout make sure you take a look at our selection of internal doors and external doors. Don’t forget orders over £400 will qualify for free delivery.